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2017 Korea Open Hang Gliding Competitions Ha-dong (KHL No.3)
Apr 01 2017 17:41:58
2017 Korea Open Hang Gliding Competitions Ha-dong (KHL No.3)

1. Organiser(s): Federation of Korea Aeronautics.

2. Name of Championship: 2017 Korea Open Hang Gliding Competitions Ha-dong (KHL No.3)

3. Proposed dates of Championship: May 3~7, 2017 (5 days)

4. Location(s) of Championship: 1, Pyeongsa-ri, Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea.

5. Organisers, Directors and key officials: Lee youngduk
Organisation/Event Director: Jung Jaekuk
Meet Director: Kim Seokwon
Safety Director: Kim Jungsik
Chief Launch Marshal: Lee Sangkuk
Chief Goal Marshal: Han Sungrok
Scorer: Lee Jun
Retrieve/Check in: Kim sukwon
HQ/Admin manager: Park Sangkoo
Chief Judge (Accuracy, Aerobatics): Jung Junki
Others: Live tracker attaching and scoring system operation, English / Japanese Interpreter (Kim Sukwon / Kim Jungsik)

6. Entry Fee for Category 2 championship:
   - Pilot: 150,000 won - This is a fee for the direct operation of the competition, including 5 days of equipment Transporting, lunch, and live tracker fee.
    - Team Leader / Assistant: 10,000 won/day - Transporting & Lunch

7. Pilot Entry & Team size: No limit on the number of team, number of 50 players or less.

8. Test Event:  April 29 to April 30, May 1 to 2 (09:00 to 17:00)

9. Pilot qualification: H5, H4 with upgrade requirements.

10. Suggested date for the expected entry fee: April 19-(Based on the registration date, participation fee is payable locally.)

11. Launch sites: Http://www.khpga.org/english/php/board/board_show.php?key=&findItem=&string=&tab=infor&no=1&pgNow=1&total=1

12. Distance/access to launch site(s): Access to the public vehicle via paved roads. (30~50 minutes from the landing area)

13. Transport: transport provided to launch with organisation vehicles.

14. Rescue/Medical Services: First aid (ambulance and helicopter) in the area can be used for first aid and patient transportation.

15. Liaison with police, military, public services: Operates licensed conferences at the Local 112 Security Center and the Busan Regional Aviation Administration and the Hadong County Office.

16. Insurance: The pilot individual must have a personal insurance coverage of 100,000 Euros, which is covered by the organizer liability insurance and up to 10,000 US$.

17. Insurance requirements pilots will be required to provide, and if any will be available to be purchased on site. Details of Organisers’ Liability cover for the event (including public liability).

18. Communications:
  I) Radio: The frequency of the radio is 145.260MHz.
  Ii) I am going to understand the live flight of the pilots who are using the live tracker and the pilot in flight.
  Iii) Mobile phones capable of local calls must be owned by each individual and an emergency rescue plan has been established using the resident signaling function of the live tracker.

19. Weather: It is a region where mainly low clouds and medium clouds are formed, and there is a good tendency of heat rise at 11 ~ 13 o'clock. In the morning and in the late afternoon, a mild weather is formed.

20. Meteorology: Windguru and the Korea Meteorological Agency will be able to identify the weather in the landing area (real-time confirmation) and landing area .

21. Event Headquarters: The event headquarters will operate a simple booth located at the landing point, and can supply the necessary power (220V) and personal mobile communication for the tour operation. (live track).

22. Local facilities: Tourist hotels, motels and guest houses are scattered around the venue. For motels, it is available at a charge of 50,000 won / day. Essential household goods can be purchased using the nearby markets and traditional shops. There are small and medium sized restaurants and pubs nearby. Rent a car is available in the city at a short distance (about 1 hour away).

23. Competition website: http://www.khpga.org/

24. Visas, Vaccinations: No limitations.

25. Early arrivals: There is no limit to the date of entry. The open landing area is always available.

26. Customs & equipment importation: The items related to bringing in equipment etc. must be verified personally since the organizer does not check them separately.

27. Contact office
Address : 132-4 Bongnaedong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
TEL:82-2-424-5933~4 FAX: 02-412-6115
Contact Person: Sanggu Park E-mail : bluebulet@daum.net
Mobile number : 82-10-2346-9331 / 82-10-7626-6524

28. Competitions Schedule

< D1~D4 - From 1 to 4 days   >  

08:00~10:00 - Confirm registration, create and submit a disclaimer form
10:00~10:30 - Competition briefing, safety education
11:00~17:00 - Race
17:00~18:00 - 1 to 4 days score calculation, Objection Reception and processing
18:00~          - Announce grades from 1 to 4 days

< Day 5   >  

09:00~10:00 - Competition briefing, safety education
10:00~17:00 - Race
17:00~          - Scoring and award ceremony, closing ceremony

★ The above schedule can be changed according to the weather conditions on the day of the competition.
These Local Regulations are to be used in conjunction with General Section and Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code. Reference numbers for Section7 used in this text should be cross-checked with the latest edition of Section 7.



1.1 The purpose of the competition is to provide good and satisfying contestflying in order to make pilots skill up and to reinforce friendship amongst pilots and nations.(Section 7; 5.2)

Practice; the day before 1st competition day 10:00 - 17:00
Registration; the day before 1st competition day 19:00 - 21:00
Contest Flying Days; each competition days (for 5 days)
Closing Ceremony ; the last competition day

Competition Chairperson: Jung Jaeguk
Takeoff director: Lee Sangkuk
Landing director: Han Suongrok
Scoring committee: Lee June
Information support: Park Sangkoo,  Kim Jungsik.
Emergency structure and player pickup: Lee Sangkuk, Park Gilyeong.

The competition is open to all Member and Associated Member countries of FAI who may enter any number of hang gliders.
The maximum number in the competition is limited within 50 pilots.
Entries must be made on the official entry form.
Entry deadline: until 15 days before each league schedule (including entry fee, Entry fee is \150,000 won)
Applications, not received by the entry deadline or not paid by the payment deadline, may be refused.

Documentary proof in English or Korean of a personal accident insurance covering medical assistance and reparation must be presented to the organizers before the start of the competition, as well as public liability risk to a value of US$100,000.
The organizer will give the possibility to buy THIRD PARTY INSURANCES ONLY at the registration.

the competition will be held in the following Class: Class 1 Hang gliders (Flexible wing) which are able to demonstrate consistent ability to safely take-off and land in nil-wind conditions.


On arrival the team leader and members shall report to the Registration Office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary regulations and information.
The end of the official Registration period is considered to be the official start of the competition.

The following are required (S 7_5.15.1) :
Pilot's valid FAI Sporting License.
Receipt for payment of entry fees by the closing date.
Certificate of Insurance as detailed paragraph 1.5 local regulations.
Declaration of exclusion of liability for the organizer.
GPS  of each competitor for registration.

The Registration office will be opened:
the day before 1st competition day from 19:00 to 21:00

The closure of Registration is considered as the official start of the championship.

The numbers or letters supplied by the organizers shall be displayed on the underside of the left wing with their top towards the leading edge.
These numbers shall be written in the entry form. It's not allowed to have a second number in the glider beside the official competition number.(S 7_5.14)

A complaint may be made to the meet director or his deputy to request a correction. It should be made with the minimum delay and it will be dealt with expeditiously.
If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome the pilot may make a protest in writing to the Director or his Deputy. (See General Section Chapter 5).
The time limit for protests is 1 hour after publication of the provisional task results or the results of the complaint. The protest fee is ₩150,000 won. It will be returned if the protest is upheld. (S 7_5.4.6)

Foot Launch normally will be done at following sites : - For NW& S-face, Mt. GuJe 650m ASL, for E-face, Mt. HyeongJae 1000m ASL

Radio transceiver, like allowed in the national law, are permitted for communication between competitors, drivers and team leaders and between them and the organizers. Only frequencies allocated by the organizers are allowed to be used. The above does not apply to ELTs incapable of voice transmission. The use of GPS, Decca or Loran Positioning systems during competition flights is permitted.(S 7_5.21.3/4) Each team should announce the team-frequency to the organizer out of security reasons.


5.1 A competitor will be allowed one take off to attempt the task within the stated launch period, if the meet director will not announce a change during the task-briefing and on the task board.
A failed take off or safety problem immediately after take off which results in a landing will not count as a take off. (S 7_5.26.5 & 5.28.2)

5.2 Task Period
Times of window open for take-off and times for closing of the window, turn points and last landing will be displayed in writing.

6. SCORING & Flight Verification (GPS & LiveTracker)

6.1 the GAP 2016 scoring formula will be used.

6.2 Following GAP Parameter will be not changed during 2017 season except of safety reasons;
- Nominal Distance 30 Km
- Nominal Time: 1 hour
- Nominal Goal: 25%
- Minimum Distance: 5 km

6.3 Only GPS flight verification will be used like described in the newest version of section 7. It's possible that there are some actual changes to these rules in the latest version of the local regulations.

Following GPS are allowed to use for flight verification:
All model can record the fixed track log with altitude recording and can be downloaded with KML or IGC formats.

7. The others which are not stated, will be followed the competition rule of FAI CIVL.
last modified : Apr 15 2017 19:29:16
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